In-Home Monitoring

Caregivers can monitor all Aging In Place sensors from anywhere in the residence up to 100 feet.

The Safe at Home App helps Aging parent(s) living with a loved one who is their caregiver. The app can connect to all the monitor and sensor devices which allows for the caregiver  to be informed of their loved ones whereabouts and safety. The FREE app download details at the bottom of this page.

Benefits of the Safe at Home System

Remote Monitoring

Signing up for monthly monitoring is easy and comes with no contract.  Sign up today, but incur no expense until sensors are delivered and connected to the portal.  As each sensor is added to the portal, you can rename the sensors, such as “Mom’s Bed”.  Also at this time, or anytime, you can set up alerts for each of the sensors.  These alerts will send you a text, an email,  a phone call, or all three.  And these notifications can be sent to as many numbers and addresses that you like.  After initiation, a monthly charge of $49 will be charged at the beginning of the monthly time period, cancelable at any time.

The Aging In Place Remote Monitoring system allows for the collection of data on sleep patterns, immobility, toilet usage and more. This data can be used by caregivers and medical personnel to monitor a senior’s health status and safety while allowing them to live in the comforts of their home.

Safe At Home

A comprehensive home monitoring system for seniors

“Download the free app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. When you receive your monitoring devices, you will use the app to connect to the sensors and then set up the Alerts.”

After you have downloaded the app, AND after you have received your sensor products, you will be able to easily connect the products to the app – simple instructions will guide you how to add them one at a time.  This app is intended for In-home use only.  If you are going to need Remote Monitoring, please click the button above labeled “Remote Monitoring Sign Up”.


Custom rule sets can alert you to the changes in behavior that concern you the most. “If Mom is not out of bed by 9 AM, send an alert”. “Send alert if door sensor activates”. “Send an alert if chair sensor is actuated after 10 PM”  Rules can be easily changed if living conditions change. This flexibility keeps Safe At Home, Aging in Place Monitors providing the best tools to keep seniors Safe at Home.