Assisted Living Facilities

Safe At Home, Aging in Place Monitoring is a good fit for some Assisted Living Facilities. Sensors placed in individual apartments can wirelessly transmit to a hub/modem, with one hub connected to more than one apartment. Signals can be transmitted to a computer or tablet in a central nurses station.

Many Assisted Living Facilities are using monitoring equipment such as bed and chair sensors as well as pull-cord and emergency buttons.  Most of these systems are wired to alarms rather than a wireless, app-connected solution like Aging In Place Monitoring.  Some are now seeing the advantage of switching to a wireless system.

Our engineers can design a system for your facility at no additional cost above the equipment and monitoring plan.  Installation can be done by your internal facility team with free technical support from Aging in Place.  However if you prefer, installation can be completed by a professional security company for an additional fee.

Aging in Place is a sister company to a manufacturer that has been building reliable sensors for nearly a decade. This is the experience you will employ for the safety of your residents. Learn more about what Safe at Home, Aging in Place can do for your facility.

Distributors & Regional Dealer/Installers

Safe at Home is the brand to reach consumers for Aging in Place Monitoring.  Some consumers would prefer to buy through their local securities or home healthcare product provider where they have already established a relationship.

If your company would like to integrate Safe at Home, Aging in Place products into your portfolio, please contact us to discuss details.

Alerts for Sensors

When setting up each sensor connected to the Safe at Home, Aging in Place Remote Monitoring, caregivers have flexibility in programing customer alerts depending on the situation and the health of the occupant. Some examples:

Bed Sensor:

Door Sensor:

Toilet Flush Sensor:

Alerts are delivered from the Remote Monitoring Portal in a few methods:  Text Message, Phone Call, Email, or all three.  Rules can be easily changed if living conditions change.  This flexibility keeps Safe at Home, Aging in Place Monitors providing the best tools to keep seniors Safe at Home.

Historical data is available for each of the sensors on the Aging in Place Portal.  This data can signal changes in behavior, alerting care givers of possible health issues