Age in Place

Caregiving for Elderly by Seniors

What does Caregiver Support mean to you?  For everyone, it’s a different answer.  Whether the caregiver is a visiting nurse, an adult child living separately, or maybe a full-time in-home helper, the tools and tricks employed to take care of our aging population are ever-changing.

A story in the Wall Street Journal, Seniors Serving as Caregivers, 2/10/22, p.A12, talks about people over the age of 70 taking care of someone else needing more help than themselves.  A statistic in the article from the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, states that an estimated 19% of the 53 million unpaid family caregivers are over 65.  

As we are getting older ourselves, taking care of an older loved one comes with many challenges.  Do I have the strength to help Dad in and out of bed?  When I’m not there with Mom, is she ever leaving the house and starting to wander?  How do I constantly check in on my parent without being a total bother?  All of these questions make us think of solutions like bed or door alarms, hiring outside help, or the more costly solution of assisted living.

The solution provided by Safe at Home Sensors allows seniors to stay in their home longer.  In-home caregivers can get notifications on a phone or tablet that someone is out of bed, or if there is a door opened, or a multitude of actions.  And if the caregiver is not in the home, remote monitoring is available where they can log into a portal and set up alerts for certain actions or events.  Notifications can be delivered to multiple caregivers too through a “Call Tree” with texts, phone calls, or emails.  Historical Data from the sensors also helps caregivers changes in behavior that could indicate changes in health too.

The facts all point to a growing aged population and the need for tools such as Safe at Home Sensors will also grow.  Give us a call and discuss how we can help your situation.