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Aging In Place Monitoring

Aging in Place Monitoring is an Illinois based company where the ownership and management have years of valuable experience manufacturing monitoring devices for the aging.

Caring for a loved one from a distance can often be quite challenging. AIP Monitoring was formed when one of our own staff began dealing with issues regarding the care of his own elderly mother. 

While fiercely independent, she also required some type of passive monitoring, for her own safety and peace of mind for her family. This brought to light the need for in-home monitoring.

AIP Monitoring meets this growing need and Safe at Home is the connection between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Safe At Home

A comprehensive wellness monitoring program that brings peace of mind

Safe At Home is an independent partner of Aging in Place Monitoring, LLC, a U.S.-based company with a decade of experience building reliable sensors for the wholesale market.  Our mission is to bring the life-saving products and complementary app to the caregivers looking over elderly parents or anyone needing a little extra supervision. 

We were attracted to Aging in Place’s unique monitoring system because our parents are getting up in the years and the siblings began discussions about when is the right time to consider assisted care.  Our biggest concern was Mom, living alone, and not as stable as she once was.  Aging in Place offered a solution to keep Mom at home where she is most comfortable. 

Thus a partnership was built – Aging in Place, US-based manufacturer with years of experience, and now Safe At Home, a Sales and Marketing company bringing all Aging in Place products to the consumers.

Safe At Home

A comprehensive home monitoring system for seniors

“Download the free app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. When you receive your monitoring devices, you will use the app to connect to the sensors and then set up the Alerts.”

Safe At Home’s foundation is Aging In Place Monitoring (AIP Monitoring) which focuses on providing the necessary systems and tools to help keep seniors in the comforts of their homes. Unlike the rising cost of Assisted Living Facilities the average cost of a wellness monitoring system is less than $50 a month.